Day 4 Week 5 – Our Use Of Social Media

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Marathon Training

36 min (approx. 4 miles: 1 mi warm up, 2 mi steady pace, 1 mi cool down), pleasant & 64 degree. 

Steady pace is running “comfortably” hard.*  Sounds oxymoronic? I know.  To me, steady pace is close to marathon pace.  Faster than easy pace, but not hard efforts like a tempo run.  A pace I can keep up for 26.2 miles. Hence, the descriptor comfortably hard.

Timing of this increase in intensity is in preparation for the workouts to come.  After this week, I will be a quarter finished with my 20 week marathon training.  Seems fast in the aggregate but amazingly true.  Steady pace not only adds intensity but also variety to my daily runs.  

Our Use Of Social Media

A word about my Peru video – received comments that the video did not include myself (or ourselves, my wife is the creator).  Which is true and typical like our other trip videos. 

Our purpose for the videos is simple: to capture what we saw and experienced then post them online for memory sake.  Utilizing the social media sorta like a photo album on the cloud.  

Insofar as our lens is mostly pointed to the highlights from our trips and seldom to ourselves, is because we like to re-live those experiences whenever and share them with our families and friends wherever. 

How do you use the social media?

*correction – “comfortably hard” is usually referring to tempo runs, not the steady pace.  Steady pace is slightly slower than the current marathon pace.

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