Day 5 Week 5 – Our Internal Biological Clocks

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Marathon Training

Rest day, no running.

Our Internal Biological Clocks

I have been looking into my poor sleep patterns.  I used to believe I sleep because my body is tired.  Although partially true, there is something more basic to the story.  My tiredness is really a symptom rather than a cause for sleep.   Have you ever experienced being too tired to sleep?

Each of us has an internal biological clock.  Also known as the Circadian clock that regulates our sleep/ wake cycle.  And the clock is “conditioned” by our exposure to the light.  Light makes us awake and alert, meanwhile darkness causes drowsiness and makes us sleepy.

This cycle works well in our solar system with the sun as the center providing source of  light.  Further, the earth rotation around the sun gives rises to our days, seasons, and equinoxes – all the natural orders that I took them for granted.

The balance is upset when we invented artificial light sources.  Light bulbs, televisions, and computers are all capable of confusing our circadian clocks.  We have 24 hours stores, around the clock programmings, and omnipresence of electronic gizmos.  All exist to stimulate our senses and skew our internal clocks.

So to change my poor sleep patterns, I need to re-align my internal clock with the natural orders.  Pay attention to my routines.  Avoid late night activities and light sources that will over stimulate my brain and upset my circadian clock.  For instance, I may meditate at night instead of the morning and see if that is a better fit.

Have you noticed if you a morning or night person?



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