Day 6 Week 5 – Fitness Assessment

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Marathon training

8 miles including a 5K Parkrun

Fitness Assessment

I ran the 5K race this morning to gauge my fitness level.  And my time was 23:22.  Using the McMillan calculator, my 5K time projected a 8:41 marathon pace with a finishing time of 3.47:41.

The McMillan calculator is a reliable estimator.  Last year,  it projected my marathon time of 3.35.:00.  And I finished the Erie Marathon in 3.35:09.  9 seconds difference.*  And my 5K time last April was 22:29.  

Even though I am not as fit as last year, I like to to bring my fitness level to par with last year’s. Yes, I know 12 minutes and 33 seconds sounds a lot to improve.  But it’s still early in my training, and having a goal will keep me motivated.  So why not. 

Got plan for the Memorial Day Weekend?

*Correction – the McMillan calculator predicted a 3.39:05 marathon finish based on my 5K time. But I set my goal at 3.35:00. Nevertheless I would still recommend the calculator as a planning tool.

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