Week In Review – 26 May 2019

I am a quarter way done with my 20 week marathon training.

From a fitness point of view, I am less fit as compared to last year and have my work cut out to bring myself up to last year’s level.  But our bodies are amazing.  They will response with proper training.  I will increase, albeit gradually, the intensity of my workouts in the coming weeks.

Plus, I am tweaking my sleep routines to bring them more inline with my Circadian rhythms.  The adjustments include moving my meditation session from the morning to night to facilitate better transition to minimize electronic use before bedtime.  Because sleep is an important part of training and recovery.  

Lastly, thanks for the comments I received about my Peru Trip videoSocial media are wonderful in that they make sharing a cinch.   If you have suggestions about ways to improve fitness, please share your comments below.  After all, sharing is caring.  Right?

Have a nice week.

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