Day 3 Week 6 – When The Elephants Fight


World Population By Regions

2019 est. – Asia 59.4%, Africa 17.1 %, Europe 9.6%, Latin America 8.5%, North America 4.8%, Oceania 0.5%

Marathon Training

53 min (1 mi warm up + 4 mi steady + 1 mi cool down), sunny & 72 degree

World Population

The world is large.  But how large?  My question is partially answered when I came across this article on the world population.   Which helps putting things in perspective for me.  For instance I did not realize the Asia alone holds almost 60% of the world’s population. 

It stands to reason that three out of the five most populous countries are in Asia.  The top five are: 1) China (1.42 billion), 2) India (1.37 billion), 3) United States (329 million), 4) Indonesia (269 million), and 5) Brazil (212 million).  

The United States is having a trade war with China.  Motives aside, the sheer size of the economies, and not to mention the population, of the two countries, make this lose-lose proposition that much more unpalatable. 

When the elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. ~ African Proverb.

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