Day 4 Week 6 – Self Sabotage

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Marathon Training

38 min (4 mi), sunny & 73 degree

Legs felt heavy.  Not sure why.  Did not think yesterday’s steady pace run was that exhaustive.  Maybe it was the accumulated fatigues from the week? So I ran my 4 miles today at very easy pace. 

As the Summer drawing closer, the temperature is getting warmer.  I am running earlier in the day to stave off the heat.

Self Sabotage

We are our worst enemy.  Have heard it before, right?  It is true. 

Being emotional animals, we over or undershoot our minds most of the time.  We become self critical or over zealous when we are in “SHALT” states.  In other words, we over react and sabotage ourselves. 

To some degree, social connections such as family, friends, co-workers help in providing us feedback. 

But often what goes on in our minds are not observable to others.  And we are ultimately the ones who have to be aware when the self sabotage is happening and take the necessary steps to remedy it.

How do you prevent self sabotage?






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