Day 5 Week 6 – An Epiphany Moment

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Marathon Training

29 min (3 mi) and sunny & 68 degree

An Epiphany Moment

Saw this quote from the site Soul Gatherings that turned my thinking around:

Old age, to the unlearned, is winter;
to the learned, it is harvest time.

Yiddish Saying ~

I suppose I am one of those “unlearned” and have used the winter analogy for the life phase of “old age.”  “Winter” has a connotation of passive inactivity.  But I had an epiphany moment when I read the above quote. 

Harvest time – reap the emotional lessons, spiritual insights, and mental knowledge by  sharing them with others.  It can be through teaching, writing, volunteering, and so much more.  Completely opposite from what I used to think and much more proactive.

What do you think about Old Age?

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