Day 6 Week 6 – Erie Marathon Again


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Marathon Training

15+ miles, sunny & 70 degree

Longest run to date with favorable weather.  Low humidity and relative cool temperature are always helpful.  And having Brandon as my running companion made the long run more enjoyable.

Erie Marathon Again

First of June.  I have signed up for the Erie marathon.  Again.

Ran it last year and liked the course.  Not only because the course is flat which is a plus, I also like the straight forward route without too many twists and turns.   With the entry capped at 2,200, the race is small enough to make the logistics considerations easy.

Another big advantage in picking this marathon is the repeatability.  I am familiar with the course – loop twice around the Presque Isle State Park.  No guesswork necessary.  Best yet, I can re-use my training plan with adjustments and see if they make any differences this time.

Have you signed up for any races?


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4 Responses to Day 6 Week 6 – Erie Marathon Again

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I’ve looked at this race before. I’m in Boston so it seems like a bit of a trek from here.
    How hard is it to get to this race?


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