Day 4 Week 7 – Tender Heel

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Marathon Training

38 min (4 mi), overcast & 72 degree

My left and right foot have different gaits.  It is clear from the callouses on my soles and the wearing patterns on my shoes that I don’t run evenly.  Not a significant difference but enough for me to notice.

For instance, my right heel has been tender for a couple days.  This symptom usually occurs when I run faster than my easy pace.  Like yesterday’s 5 miles at the steady pace.  Meaning I am pushing or landing harder on my right side.

This morning, I decided to run in regular running shoes instead of the sandals to give my foot more cushion.  Just a precautionary measure until the tender spot gets better. Plus I paid attention to relax my posture, so I wasn’t favoring one side over the other.

My goal is to keep my form balanced as much as possible.  But from practicing yoga, I have learned that our body is never symmetrical (e.g. heart is on the left).  What happens on one side does not automatically translate to the other.

How balanced are your forms? 




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