Day 1 Week 8 – Impeach the President?

Marathon Training

67 min (7 mi incl fartlek), light drizzles & 65 degree

After the 16 mile run on Saturday and recovery on Sunday, my legs are back to normal and ready to go this morning.  I am very happy about the recovery and can not emphasize more on its importance.

The light drizzles trailing off my eye brows keep the morning scenes fresh.  No dust, pollution, pollen, nothing.  Only kids playing in the playground waiting for their school bus.  And in a few weeks, schools will be out for the Summer.

While my running in the rain may steal a curious peek from the morning commuters, it is the last week of my base phase training.  I intend to enjoy it as much as possible.  After this week my workouts will be higher in intensity, on top of the distance.

Impeach the President?

There seems to be a growing chorus to start the impeachment process against President Trump.  Personally, I would wait for the 2020 election.  But in the interest of full discussions, here is a tutorial from the National Public Radio on this subject.

Where do you land on the impeachment?

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