Day 2 week 8 – Our Digital World

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Marathon Training

48 min (5 mi), breezy & 70 degree

Our digital world

Mary Meeker’s 2019 report on Internet Trends is out.  Heads up – it is 333 page/ slide presentation (the slides are downloadable) with charts and figures.  Even for Big Data fan, I would recommend not try to digest it all at once.  It’s like drinking from a fire hose.

Having said that my gut reactions are that 1) how we understand our world is rapidly changing (thanks to the internet and mobile phones) and 2) what the world we live in is by and large the same, at least as compared to the digital one.

Why?  I believe it is easy to confuse the digital world with the real world (e.g. fake news, cyber-bullying) and the digital data (i.e. 56.1% global access) with the human data.  Virtual reality is not the reality.   More to come.

Are you vested with the digital world?

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