Day 4 Week 8 – Misty Morning

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Marathon training

48 min (5 mi), overcast, light drizzles & 66 degree

Misty Morning

Ah, misty morning.  How fortunate for me.  Second time it rained in the morning this week.  And I got to run worry free.  No sunscreen, no hat. The mist was light, and it drifted along with the wind providing a welcoming moisture without the sogginess.

It reminded me of summer visit to the amusement park. Where mist machines were deployed around the major intersections to give visitors temporary reprieves from the sweltering heat.  Today, I was blessed to have the mist with me throughout my run.  

Speaking of summer, it is just around the corner.  Seems only yesterday that I welcomed the arrival of spring.  Now, according to my calendar, next Friday will be the beginning of summer (for Northern Hemisphere). 

I suppose Father Time waits for no one.


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