Day 6 Week 8 – Blue For Sudan

Marathon Training

190 min (17 mi), pleasant & 62 degree

If I had to pick a day for my long run, it could not have been better than today. It had the elements of an ideal running day: cool temperature, low humidity, and good company.

At 6:30 this morning, we embarked on our 17 mile run.  Even though the morning air was nippy, somewhere in the 50s degree, evident by the goosebumps on my bared arms, it was going to be just right after we warmed up.  

Last Saturday I ran solo, and it was a challenge.  However, after a day of rest,  my legs recovered by the following Monday.  That experience heightened my confidence that my body will respond to the increasing stimuli.

What’s Happening in Sudan?

Sudan is having a leadership shakedown.  Former president Omar al-Bashir ruled Sudan for 30 year and was kicked out after a military coup in April.  However, the military is now refusing to turn the power over to a civilian government. 

More than 100 pro-democracy protesters were killed last week in a peaceful demonstration.  See details below and here.


Would you support the Sudanese people by turning your profile Blue?


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