Day 1 Week 9 – Seeking Balance

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Marathon Training

48 min (5 mi), sunny, warm & 74 degree

I am transition from the endurance to the stamina phase.  The latter will include intervals and tempo runs.  They are added to the easy pace runs to condition my lactate threshold. 

As a start I will do hill repeats and a 2-mile tempo workout on Tuesday and Thursday respectively this week.   And here is an article on what I called Hill Run 101.

Seeking Balance

Life’s ebbs and flows have a way of knocking us off balance.  Things don’t go as planned.  Unexpected happens.  Even our own bodies are not balanced.  For those practice yoga, you know our right and left sides are different.

Recognizing and accepting the life’s dynamics does not mean we surrender to it.  On the contrary, we strive to seeking balance and finding our own oases in the midst of chaos.  Often that process takes place between our two ears.

Say you need to go somewhere (office, home, or wherever, let’s call it place A) but are stuck in traffic (B).  Beating oneself up (e.g. should have left earlier, taken a different route, etc.) does not help making A equal B.

Instead, as a way of seeking balance, one possibility is to call the person at A and explain the situation at B.  Another more organic approach is mindful breathing. Pay attention to breath-in and -out, and find that pause between the two.  

Even though neither of the above will make A equals B, as a minimum, you will be in control of the process in seeking that balance.

What other ways can we seek balance in our life?

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2 Responses to Day 1 Week 9 – Seeking Balance

  1. terryshen says:

    Thanks. And happy traveling to you.


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