Day 2 Week 9 – Acclimating

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Marathon Training

84 min (7 miles + 6 hill repeats), sunny & warm, 72 degree

In three days “summer begins” so says my calendar.  Wouldn’t you know it, I am already feeling the heat when I run in the morning.  This means I will need to start my run earlier and hydrate myself more.

By the afternoon, it is burning hot outside.  Literally no one is around.  Occasionally, the the mail or delivery truck will zoom by, adding to the humming sound of the air conditioning. 


Where I am (Mid-Atlantic) the seasons are definite.  Hot, cold, bright, and dark.  No mistakes.  And surely I will get used to the heat soon enough.  Where I find awkward is the transition.  The in-between period.  

Doesn’t matter how many times I have lived through them, I still get tripped over by the transitions.  Kinda like being on stage, don’t know exactly to put my hands in the pant pockets or not.  

Perhaps instead of rushing through if I dwell in the moment, in the transition, I may appreciate the journey more?  “Music happens between the notes” says Cellist Yo-Yo Ma.  Perhaps I will learn to acclimate better?

How are you acclimating to change?

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