Day 6 Week 10 – Dew Point And Perceived Effort

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Marathon Training

116 min (10 miles), warm & 78 degree

Dew Point And Perceived Effort

In running many factors contribute to the perceived effort – hill, temperature, pace, just to name a few.  How about dew point?  For today it is 65 degree in Washington DC.  Why mention it?  This dew point is the culprit that made my long run hard today. 

Even though I ran only 10 miles (as compared to the 18 of last week), my perceived effort for today was difficult.  Googled the “Dew point,” and you will get that is the temperature below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form. 

In other words, the air is saturated when the temperature reaches the dew point.  And higher the dew point the more uncomfortable it is.  This is especially true for runners who rely on perspiration to keep their bodies cool.

According to the Runners World, the loss of body fluid through sweat compounded by blood being diverted to the skin to dissipate heat escalate the perceived effort.  Because blood becomes thicker and less of it is going to the muscles, one’s heart and lungs must work harder to supply the oxygen and fuel. 

While high dew point may be “unhealthy” for some, it is a challenge for marathoner to be aware of and to overcome.

How is your dew point today?

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