Week In Review – 30 Jun 2018

Half way point in my marathon training, and I am pleased with my progress to date. First, no injury.  Injury impedes progress and is a curse to any training. I know people who has to deal with that difficult challenge on a daily basis.

Second, my body is acclimating to the summer heat. That is a good thing with July and August ahead. The added heat load will contribute to my training and making me more fit in September when the Erie marathon comes.

I am still working on my rhythm regarding my sleep patterns. Nocturnal is what I try to avoid because my body needs rest and recovery, particularly during the marathon training. But even off-season, sleep is a vital part of our life & health.

At this point of my life, I am not afraid to try new things and explore my options. However, can’t say I am happy about the US government on many fronts (and I am not alone). And yes, with election (in 2020) there is hope. But, I am not optimistic about changes. Not yet.

Have a nice week!

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