Day 1 Week 11 – The Answers

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Marathon Training

8 mi: 5 x 1 mi tempo interval w/ 90 sec break in between + 2 mi warm up & 1 mi cool down; sunny weather, pleasant & 70 degree

Splits for my tempo intervals were: 7:56, 7:28*, 7:45, 7:34*, 7:51  (*= opposite direction and the grading of the surface contributed to the differences).  My targeted range was 7:36  to 7:55.

The Answers

In school I had textbooks that included answer key in the back.  So it was easy to check my answers.  How convenient!  Unfortunately, life is not like that.  Life doesn’t always have an answer that will address our individual needs.

Because each of our situations is different.  We are different.  

The answers we seek, the ones that will satisfy our burning desires, have to come from us. Now before you roll your eyes and ready to shutdown, let me clarify:  this does not mean that we have to supply the answers, only that we must be the agents who find the answers.

The answers maybe in our interactions with external world, the book or poem we read, the speech we heard.  Wherever or whatever, but do not despair.  Be mindful and persistent – the answers that uniquely address our needs will manifest themselves.  

Are you looking for the life’s answer key?

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