Day 2 Week 11 – Marathon Cheats?

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Marathon Training

57 min (6 mi), sunny & 72 degree

Marathon Cheats

Is it possible to be 70 or older and run a marathon under three hours? The answer is a definite yes. Ed Whitlock did it, and set the world record. His time was 2:54:48 at the age of 74.  And last year Gene Dykes ran a sub-3 marathon (2:54:23 to be exact) at an age of 70.

So when Frank Meza, 70, claimed to have “run” the LA marathon this past March for a record time of 2:53:10 (fastest ever for that age), it was a bid deal. But the bigger news came later when Meza was caught cheating and got disqualified.

 Why would Meza and others cheat about running marathons is beyond me.  It seems totally defeat the purpose if you ask me.  When the goal is about overcoming adversity and reaching new height, in sports or life, cheating is such a waste.

How prevalent do you think marathon cheat exist? 

** Update **

Frank Meza was found dead in river on 4 July 2019.


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