Day 5 Week 12 – On Living

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Marathon Training

55 min (6 mi incl 4 steady), sunny & 78 degree.

On Living

Life is choice (not at the birth but after). When waking up each day, the choice begins. Some are routine or minor. Others more significant.

In our choices of how to live, human tendency is to favor the pleasant and shun the unpleasant. We even learned to delay gratification – work or study hard so we will be successful later.

All part of this thing called life.

But to live life fuller (i.e. more than making a living), choose more. Not more in terms of material goods like food, cloth, etc. but the wider range of options that life offers.  Including the unpleasant.  Why?

You may object. What’s the point in wasting our precious time on the unpleasant stuffs? After all we want to enjoy life, right?  What would one gain from pain, fear, suffering, or the likes?  The answer is . . .

All part of this thing called life.

Without the unpleasant, life is only partial.  What is life without death? happiness without tears?  To fully experience life, its meanings, and all shades of emotions, embrace it all.  That is if you want a fuller life.

How are your choices in life?

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