Day 6 Week 12 – Progress On Stamina Development

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Marathon Training

191 min (18 mi), sunny & 74 degree

Progress On Stamina Development

Four weeks ago, when I started my stamina training phase, I ran a long run of 18 miles for 3 hours and 21 minutes. Today, under similar environmental conditions, I ran the 18 miles for 3 hour 11 minutes.  

Don’t have any scientifically proof that my stamina has improved, but I do feel less exhausted today as compared to the last time.  And under the same time cap for my maximum long run, I could have run 1 additional mile. 

Don’t get me wrong, 18 miles is not easy on any given day.  When I finished my run today, I do not want to take another step.  But with one more week of the stamina training remaining, I am going to maximize it before moving onto the next phase.

How could you tell if your stamina has improved?

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