Day 2 Week 13 – The Selling of Conflicts

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Marathon Training

60 min (6 mi), sunny & 78 degree

Definitely felt the impact of yesterday’s cruise intervals today. My legs, tired and sluggish from the yesterday’s workout, made even the easy pace felt challenging. Hence, today’s 6 miler was for recovery – to flush out the waste products in my legs from yesterday’s hard workout.

The Selling of Conflicts

Conflicts are necessary to innovate and foster progress as in a system of democracy.  But as we know, in real life, conflicts don’t always beget resolutions.  Many times they bring more conflicts.

That is because 1) genuine conflict-resolution takes efforts, lot of them. And the desired outcome is win-win.  Unfortunately, people usually look for easy way out or path of least resistance. And 2) some people feed off on conflicts for their energy.  Sports entertainment is a case in point. 

President Trump is of the second category. 

He takes pleasure in stoking conflicts to feed his core base.  Recent examples of the migrant crisis at our Southern Border and racist tweets towards the congressional minorities are classic win-lose scenarios fabricated by Trump for political purposes.

Who do you think really wins in Trump’s Making America Great Again?

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