Day 4 Week 14 – Me & Tempo Intervals

Marathon Training

9 mi: 2 w/u, 3 x 2 mi w/ 4min rest, 1 c/d; sunny, pleasant & 72 degree

Tempo Intervals

I have come a long way with the Tempo interval workout.  The challenge for me has always been the execution.  I run either too fast or slow.  Either way misses the purpose of the workout.  

Not anymore.  I ran tempo intervals this morning – 2 mile interval three times to be precise. And I came to appreciate the benefits of the workout.  In a nutshell, tempo interval allows me to run faster and more distance. 

For instance, I ran the intervals at 7:45 per mile, faster than my tempo pace. In most likely case I won’t be able to sustain 6 mile at that pace.  But by breaking it up into three two milers, I was able to push my lactate threshold more.

And an extra bonus of the interval was that I could concentrate more on my running form:  more relaxed and loose core; open strides & even breathing.  It reminded me a feeling closer to free running.

What’s your favorite running workout?

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