Day 5 Week 15 – Between Black & White

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Marathon Training

48 min (5 mi) plus 6 strides, overcast, cool, 74 degree

Between Black & White

Between black & white, there is gray.  Not only that, shades of gray if you will. It’s imperative, being human, to recognize the grays of our life.

Like the great cellist Yo-Yo Ma brilliantly observed that “music happens between the notes,” it’s within that space life happens, love flourishes, and intelligence grows.  And where we find meanings.

Our emotions, imaginations, dreams, and aspirations can’t be captured in absolutes.  Doing so would be too simple, ruins the beauty of life, and stupefies the gift of what is possible.  Although no shortage of people trying.

Love and compassion are uniquely human.  So are hate and discontent.  Up to us to embrace our full nature.  As awesome as digital technology goes, we are more complex than the 0’s and 1’s. Artificial intelligence will always be an imitation, albeit it’s getting better. 

So, what’s between black & white?  That is where our salvation lies.  

What are the absolutes in your life?

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