Day 6 Week 15 – Fortitude

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Marathon Training

103 min (10 mi), sunny, humid & 75 degree


I completed my “down week” today with a 10 miler.  But three of my fellow SRC members did their long run of  20 miles.  They are training for the Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland. 

Although the Jungfrau and Erie marathons are on the same weekend, the two races are very different. How?  The Jungfrau is a mountain marathon, and the Erie is a flat course.

Or put it another way, it’s height versus speed.  That was why the Swiss bound SRC runners were running the hills for their 20 milers today.

While my 10 miler was “relatively” easy in comparison,  I couldn’t help but admired the fortitude of my fellow marathoners.  Sure, they looked exhausted.  Who wouldn’t after 20 miles? Let alone the hills.

And their fatigues were written all over their faces and slumped postures.  But what shined through loud and clear was their determination to train and prepare for the challenge of the Swiss Alps. 

All I can say is press on and my hats off to them.

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