Day 1 Week 16 – Mass Shootings

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Marathon Training

57 min (6 mi), overcast & 79 degree

Mass Shootings

After this past weekend’s two mass shootings, gun control is again a hot topic. And chances are nothing will be done as before. Why? 

Issues are being politicized.  Gun control is not the issue. Gun does not shoot people. It’s people who use guns to shoot people. It’s not gun violence. It’s people violence.

The popular argument goes something like this: United States has on average more guns per person, as compared to the rest of the world.  That’s too many guns.  Easy for bad people to get their hands on guns.

Well if so, the United States also has the lead in car ownership, compared to the rest of the world.  Automobile has been used by people to kill others. Why not talk about car control or car violence? 

Extending that logic further: the US has the most freedom, why don’t we have the highest suicide rate

More than does not necessarily correlate to the root-cause.

When issue becomes politicized, emotional response takes over, and logic falls by the wayside. Case in point is the abortion debate. If we really want to solve the mass shooting, let’s focus on the real substance of the issue. 

Do you believe that gun caused mass shootings? Or is it more of a social problem like racism or domestic terrorism?

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