Day 4 Week 16 – One Month to Erie Marathon

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Marathon Training

8 mi: 20 x 200m w/ 200m jogging breaks, 2 mi warm up, 1 mi cool down, Sunny & 74 degree. My splits were between 45 sec to 48 sec.

One Month to Erie Marathon

An month from today, I will be running the Erie Marathon. Yes, one month. Time to do a reality check.

What mind boggling is how my perspective shifted. When I started my marathon training some 15 weeks ago, the marathon seems far away. Or more accurately, such an unfeasible feat.

And now, I am leaner, darker (thanks to the outdoor runs), and surer about the marathon.

Still calibrating my brain to the reality of it is a month away.  With so much to get ready for and yet so little time, I have my work cut out.  But . . .

Can’t say enough about the commitment of a marathon and the finality it brings motivate.

How do you find motivation?


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