Week In Review – 11 Aug 2019

Erie marathon is less than 1 month away.  And I am in my third weeks of Speed Phase.  Polishing my leg work for better speed.  After the break last week, I had to re-calibrate my pace to get back on track.  And in spite of the heat, I was able to recover

Marathon training aside, a pitfall of mass communication is its manipulative potential.  Particularly when the mass is vulnerable.  Take the mass shootings happened last week or instance.  Special interests on either sides can’t wait to jump in on the gun debates.  

Nothing wrong with debates, I am all for it.  Healthy debates get the truth out in the open.  What I object is the opportunists or the ill intention actors using the moment to manipulate the mass to benefit their own special interests.   They prey on people’s emotions with the aid of the big data.

And individuals, like you and me, are the victims.  Our best defense is our own conscious.  What does our heart say in spite of what everyone else tells you? Lastly, a word about the Hong Kong protest.  It reminds me very much the Arab Spring that took place in 2010. My hat off to those who believe in and fight for democracy.

Have a nice week!

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2 Responses to Week In Review – 11 Aug 2019

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I’m worried that as the protests in Hong Kong drag on the PLA will roll the tanks. They did it in Tiananmen square, the Soviets did it in Eastern Europe. I hope someone one over there is mindful of where this could go.


    • terryshen says:

      Yes indeed, Andy. The situation is getting tense in HK. It kinda reminds me of the Disney move A Bug’s Life where the ants realized they out numbered the grasshoppers. But in reality social movements don’t always have happy endings as you alluded to. I do think the social media is bringing world’s attention onto the pro-democracy demonstrations. Ad like you, I hope that common sense will prevail. Terry


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