Day 1 Week 17 – Inspirations On Running

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Marathon Training

Cross training: yoga for upper body, no running

Inspirations On Running

On Saturday, Jeannie Rice finished the Akron Half Marathon with a record time of 1:37:03.  Her time not only won her the age group title but also broke the world record.  Yes, the world record.  The previous record was 1:37:38.  And Jeannie is 71 years old.  

Not only that, Jeannie is no stranger to record setting.  She “smashed” the world record for 70 plus marathon time last year when she completed the Chicago Marathon in 3:27:50.  A time I can only dream of.  And she did it while working as a realtor and being a grandma.  

The legendary Ed Whitlock will always be my idol, but Jeannie and others continue to provide proofs of what is possible and affirm the age is only a number.  What they accomplished are more than personal achievements but also motivations for someone like me.  Congrats Jeannie!

Feel inspired?  Read Jennie’s story including video here.

What motivates you?

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