Day 2 Week 17 – In Current Moment

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Marathon Training

96 min (11 Mi: 8 tempo, 2 warm up, 1 cool down), cloudy & 75 degree

Today’s 8 mile tempo run is the longest I have completed and marathon specific.  A hard workout designed to condition my body in handling the lactic acid, called lactic acid buffering, and the increased hydrogen ions. 

While my averaged tempo pace was 8:11 over the 8 miles, I was mindful of not starting too fast.  Better to catch up instead.  As a result, my first two miles were slower at 8:20 pace.  Glad I was able to finally get it right.

In Current Moment

Often chatters of daily life from external environment or inside of our own head mask what’s right in front of our nose.  Ever find yourself looking for your glasses that is sitting on your head or hanging from your neck?

Easy to say “be mindful” or “in the moment.”   But common knowledge is not common practice.  The current moment may include chatters internal, external, or both.  To discern what you want is not a given.   

Saying don’t think about it, look at it, or whatnot usually does not work – not for me at least.  That only amplifies the chatters I try to avoid.  Instead, I have better chance with the opposite. Find something in the current moment I do want to follow. Then drill down.

In noisy situations, what helps you focus?


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