Day 3 Week 17 – Working With Others

Marathon Training

60 min (6 mi recovery run), cloudy, pleasant & 75 degree

Working With Others

I am a task oriented person. Meaning getting the job done is important to me. 

Over the years through experiences I have learned  that people and relationship are essential parts of  successful outcomes.  Surely on complex jobs where multitude of talents and skills are required.  But even in lonely marathons, runners rely on volunteers at water stations, starter, pacers, etc. Going alone is not an option anymore.

Anyone has dealt with people knows that working with others is no easy task.  People with different perspectives, needs, priorities are more of the norms than exceptions.  Trying to corral the differences can be challenging.  For instance,  how to get the job done without hurting others’ feelings?  How to earn their trust?

I don’t have an answer.  But Simon Sinek, the leadership guru, suggests, “start with why.”  Let me know if you agree.

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