Day 4 Week 17 – Summer Icon?

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Marathon Training

48 min (5 mi) plus 6 striders, cloudy & 75 degree

Summer Icon

After the run this morning, while stretching,  I realized I was immersed in a sea of cicada chorus.  Their enthusiastic sounds were so deafening, they blended into the scenery and became not even noticeable.  Like the green blades of grass next to me,

Am I  taking the cicadas for granted?  Perhaps.  In the Mid-Atlantic region where I am, the cicadas are synonymous with summer.  Between June and August, they are part of the eco-system, the backdrop, and the perfect lullaby that we go on with our business and don’t even notice them anymore. 

“Ah it is summer,” was my reaction.  Then it downed on me such reference may be inappropriate elsewhere.  In places like the city or on the Pacific Coast, cicadas would not be around let alone the summer icon.  Maybe watermelon would be a better representation?

What comes to mind for you when mentioning summer?

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