Day 6 Week 17 – Last Long Run

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Marathon Training

226 min (21 miles incl hill work), humid & 75 degree

That is 3 hours 46 minutes for us earthlings.  Which is more than  what I have planned, 20 miles or 3 hours 30 minutes.  What happened?

Well, instead of 20, I ran 21 miles with the SRC runners who are Swiss Alps bound for the Jungfrau marathon. Running with them showed my support, moreover I did not have to run alone for my last long run.  Thinking win-win here.

Last Long Run

Today is my last long run before the Erie Marathon in September.  Given the humidity I experienced yesterday, I brace myself for a tough workout.  But as it turned out, today’s run is more challenging.   And I am glad for it.

Marathoners are loners.  Hard to find others crazy enough to share the passion.  So I jump at today’s opportunity, even though that meant longer distance and time in the heat and humidity.  The camaraderie and the support make the long run worthwhile. 

However, the hill run portions are no jokes.  I have not been practicing them much because my Erie course is flat.  So today’s workouts have me firing different leg muscles and practicing the techniques.  The worst part comes at the end, trails in woods, that I don’t care much – did not want to have a mishap and twist my ankles.

As the long run duration puts time on our feet and simulates a marathon, we are careful to hydrate ourselves and not over-exerting during the run on the account of the weather.  All in all, I still rank our time spent together, great conversations, and support to each others, as priceless.  

How do you occupy yourself during the long runs?

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