Day 1 Week 18 – Sow A Thought, Reap An Action

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Marathon Training

Cross training – yoga for hamstring, no running

Sow A Thought, Reap An Action

I can’t touch my toes without bending my legs.  It’s a fact, not the end of the world.  I know.  What I did not know was  that all the running I do has made my hamstrings tight as piano wire.

You see, the flexibility I envy in young children and once in my possession many decades ago is a “stretched” goal (pun intended).  Now I can touch my shins, and with efforts, my ankles.  Perhaps, one day, my toes.

Trouble was the more I run the tighter my hamstrings get.  Something I didn’t realize and begin to work on until now (I thought my glutes were the constraints all these time).  Ultimately a loosen hamstrings will help my running anyway.

With ideas as seeds action will help them flourish.  What ideas do you want to work on?

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2 Responses to Day 1 Week 18 – Sow A Thought, Reap An Action

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Hi, foam roller can help. Also, bend your knees slightly and try to touch your toes. It takes some tension off of your hamstrings and lets you stretch them. Go slow and long and don’t bounce.
    While trying to touch the floor try to straiten your knees to add some pressure. Stop when and if it hurts and don’t hold it too long. Your just trying to add a bit to the stretch.
    I usually do this stretch 3-4 times until I can straiten my legs and touch the floor. It will take a while.
    I had a PT say my hamstrings felt like telephone cables also. That was a few years ago, now my PT says I have good flexibility for a runner.


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