Day 2 Week 18 – Want Better Answer?

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Marathon Training

48 min (5 mi) plus 6 strides, sunny & 79 degree

What’s the question?

Many search for answers but become frustrated in return.  Granted, not everything in life lend themselves to clear answers.  Like the question meaning of life comes to mind.  But more than likely, a better framed question increases the likelihood of getting the answer you are looking for.

Especially with the abundant data over the internet, easy to get inundated with data.  A Google search would spit out more data in fraction of a second than one can handle. This is why in research, an essential first step is for the researchers to narrowly focus their topic and scope so to avoid the garbage-in and garbage-out syndrome.

For commoners like myself, a better framed question may be having a clear picture in mind such as what am I looking for (subject focus), what outcome I seek (solution type), who I am asking (emotional context).  The last one is not applicable to the Google Voice Assistant.  

How would you frame a question to get the answers you want?

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