Day 6 Week 18 – A-10 Race Eve

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Marathon Training

59 min (6 mi), sunny & pleasant, 65 degree

A-10 Race Eve

Nice break in the weather.  Cool and pleasant.  The humidity has evaporated just in time for my Annapolis 10 miler tomorrow.  Mostly sunny & 66 degree projected at race time, an ideal forecast for any run.

This morning’s 6 mile easy run is to keep my legs loose and work off any pre-race jitters.  For remainder of the day I am taking it easy.  No heavy lifting or remodeling project.  Carbohydrate load but not to the extend of a marathon prep.

My plan for tomorrow is to get to Annapolis early, so I can pick up my bib with enough time to warm up.  Start the race strong with a pace between 8:15 – 8:30 and maintain a negative split. 

Don’t have a time goal in mind as the hilly course will challenge me even without the humidity.  What I do want to focus on is my execution and run a smart race.  

Stay tune.

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