Week In Review – 25 Aug 2019

It was a fantastic weather today for the Annapolis 10 miler.  In fact, best I could recall for all the years I have run it.  My time was 1:18.51, a few seconds slower than last year.  But I executed the race according to plan & achieved negative splits from 8.12 at the start to 7.20 at the finish.

The race was a dress rehearsal for my Erie Marathon in two weeks.  From today’s experience, I would spend more time on race day to prepare myself such as wake up earlier, eat breakfast, stretch, etc.  Marathon demands more and different strategies. 

Aside from running, the world around me is burning up.  And I feel a bit helpless in return.  Yes, many things seem outside of my control.  But if I ask better questions, perhaps better solutions will come.  Who knows what a thought may bring.  

Have a nice week!

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