Day 2 Week 19 – Peaking

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Marathon Training

10 x 1 min at 10K pace w/1 min easy jogging breaks + 2 mi warm up & 1 mi cool down; cloudy & 63 degree


During this last phase of my marathon training, peaking as Coach McMillan calls it, I am keeping my legs loose and neurons firing meanwhile cutting back on running distance.  Polishing is the idea.  Today’s tempo intervals is an example of such workouts.

Being this close to my marathon, I can’t afford any injury nor sickness.  Paramount to listen to my body: rest when needed, stretch where body feels tight and eat whenever I am hungry. In a way I am harvesting the training from the past 18 weeks and getting my body ready. 

Temperatures are getting cooler as August drawing closer to the end.  I spot Mother Nature’s footprints in the changing colors of the leaves and in the gentle breezes that soothe the sun’s radiance.   In anticipation, my heart pulsates confidently each day with the coming of the marathon. 

Timing for peak performance is crucial in any athletic event.  What methods have you employed that worked well to get the  body ready?

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