Day 3 Week 19 – Clean Up Time

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Marathon Training

50 min (5 mi) easy run, overcast & 74 degree


Entropy is the physics term describing things will decline to disorder over time.  And entropy is what I am trying to stave off for my mind and body at least until after the Erie marathon next Sunday. 

So besides running, one of the tasks I do is getting rid of clutters to help my mind focus.

The clutters I am tackling is not physical, although that needs work as well.  I am taking on the clutters around my blog.  You see, over time I have accumulated references, draft postings, and other miscellaneous topics that I don’t have a place for. The result is duplication, obsolescence, and chaos.

While not visible to the public, these virtual clutters, like their physical counterparts, can stifle one’s mind and creative process.  Particular at this time I can not afford to be distracted. 

So I beg your indulgence on my  housekeeping.  And once the “dust” settled, I shall be back to my normal pace. 

Have you encountered similar problems? Any tips on keeping blog clutters free?

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