Day 4 Week 19 – We Are What We Do

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Marathon Training

54 min (6 mi incl 24 min tempo), pleasant & 70 degree

We Are What We Do

Our life’s meaning is inextricably tied to what we do, and in larger context, the roles we play.

In making sense, we are the agents performing the actions. Results from our actions provide feed back to our conscious and refine our actions.  Overarching is our relationships that form the bedrock of life’s meaning for each of us.

Some of our roles are defined by the jobs we hold (police, doctor, teacher, etc.), the family we have (i.e. husband, wife, parent, child, sibling), the locality we live (e.g. New Yorker).  But one point is clear – regardless context, we as agent must invest in the relationships.  

In other words, relationships take work but will give us meaning back.

Because we reap what we sow.  Greater the investment, greater the meaning in return.  Better appreciation, gratitude, and so on.  The opposite also applies in that no relationship will last without the agents’ effort.  Don’t fall for quick fix, shortcut, or easy money. 

It just makes sense.

Can you think of any relationship that does not require work?


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