Day 5 Week 19 – This Retirement Life

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Marathon Training

60 min easy run, sunny & 70 degree

This Retirement Life

Many people ask me about my retirement.  It a future event for them, and they are curious.  Perfectly understandable.  In truth, retirement is like anything in life – what one makes it out to be.

But foremost, it’s an opportunity to get to know oneself better.  We spend our life busy schooling, raising family, working, etc.  When do we get in touch with ourselves?  If not in retirement, when?  Surely not on our deathbed.  That would be a bit too late.

Rooted in this belief, retirement has been quite “engaging” for me.  With so much to do,  I pick only top priority items to invest my time,  The rest can wait.  And whatever I am engaged in, “discovering myself” is always top of my list.     

Take the Erie Marathon for instance.  The marathon is next Sunday.  And I am eager to find out if my training from the past weeks has made a difference.  Whether I can match or beat my time from last year’s race.  Regardless, I will give my best effort,  Why not?

Satisfaction comes from actively living, retirement or not. Life has so much to offer meanwhile our time is limited.  Shouldn’t we enjoy it as much as we can?  

What is your top retirement goal?

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