Day 6 Week 19 – Recovering Mind & Body

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Marathon Training

12 mi incl 6 @ goal pace; Sunny & 75 degree

Recovering Mind & Body

My body is drained from all the running of the past weeks (accumulated fatigues from my marathon training). Since body is one moving piece, the physical stress takes a toll on my mental state as well.  I feel lethargic just walking around. 

Now is time for me to recover.  Time to getting myself ready & recharged.  And the most recommended method is sleep.  Yes, good & plenty.  But for me that is a work in progress – getting sound & restful sleeps has been challenging for me.    

With my running volume reduced, I am going to devote more time on my mental energy and focus.   You probably guessed it:  I will practice more yoga and meditation.  Because in a week I will be driving up to Erie, PA. 

So I have one week to get my mental state (and body) ready.

Besides sleep, what practice do you use to get yourself ready?

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