Week In Review – 1 Sep 2019

September has arrived.  So is the cooler weather.  Maybe by only a few degrees but the feeling of season’s transition is in the air and unmistakable.  Not to mention, we are reminded by back-to-school, Labor Day Sale, and other social queues that time to move on.  

Interestingly, these social queues have changed their meanings to me since my retirement and kids grown up.  The queues no longer serve the big deal as they used to be.  How our values and identities shift over time. And we are what we do.

With my Erie marathon a week away, what I need to do is paying attention to my body.  Which is still feeling the impact from the Annapolis 10 miler a week ago.  I aim to recover both my body and mind to ensure I peak on the marathon day.  

Everyone probably have their own peaking routines.  One of my favorite tasks is to get organized.  It is therapeutic and focuses my mind at the same time.  Another one works well for me is reading an interesting book.  They both help to keep my mind off the race.

Have a nice week!

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