Day 1 Week 20 – Why Sacrifice?

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Marathon Training

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Why Sacrifice?

Sacrifice is not rational. Who in their right mind would give up a greater value for a lesser one or none in return?  And if the return has greater value, it is not a sacrifice. It’s an investment.

What about a parent’s devotion to her child? Would that be a sacrifice? Is the parent being irrational?  One could argue the child would bring greater joy, love, and satisfaction to the parent. Although at times the parent may feel like it’s a sacrifice.

Simply put, our human life is more than rational thinking.  What’s meaningful can be hard to articulate.  When and why sacrifice happens is subjective.  Popular examples include philanthropy, donation to charity, and volunteerism.

Moreover, true sacrifice is selfless.  When one gives up his or her life, no return great or small matters.  That’s the ultimate sacrifice. 

What circumstances would you consider sacrifice and to what degree?

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