Day 3 Week 20 – A Black & White Day

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Marathon Training

45 min (incl 16 min tempo), sunny & 75 degree

A Black & White Day

Today is what I call a “black & white” day.  Not a cloud in the sky. The sun is beaming straight down and burning one’s skull.   Unless you are under shade.  In which case, as a contrast, it is cool, pleasant, and where to seek refuge. 

If weren’t for the tempo run, I would have run from shade to shade.  Something else also caught my eyes as being a black & white contrast.  That something is the UK Parliament as contrast to our Congress.  

While not a student of British politics, I do admire the fact its Parliament handed the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson three defeats in two days.  Why couldn’t we do that? Why couldn’t our Congress stand up to Mr. Trump with the opposition majority in the House?

No doubt, Founders was keenly aware the need for checks & balances and provided the mechanism for government stability through the Constitution.  But does that mean I have to wait until the 2020 election?

Do you think our Congress has become too bureaucratic and ceded too much power to the Executive branch? 


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