Day 4 Week 20 – How I ( Can’t) Sleep 

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Meditation & yoga stretch, no running

How I ( Can’t) Sleep 

It’s 10:30 pm and like clockwork I change into my pajama, get into my bed and pull up the blanket.  Sleep is a habit says conventional wisdom.  Go to bed consistently to condition the body and overcome trouble of falling asleep.  They say.

The next time I look at the clock it’s past 11 pm.  Maybe I dozed off or maybe not.  Not sure.  But I am awake. Wide awake.  My mind recalls another tip: get out of the bed after 30 minutes of trying.  Do something boring to make myself sleepy.

So I carefully rise out of my bed and tip-toe into the kitchen, my usual spot when I can’t sleep.  It is a safe place where I can read, listen to music, or check what’s available to munch in the pantry.  All without waking anybody.

Whatever choice that works, it will be passed midnight, sometimes way passed, before I get back into bed.  On a particular “bad sleep” night, this whole evolution repeats itself.  Several times even.  Rarely, do I fall asleep and stay in bed through the night.

Believe me, I have tried bedtime routines as well: read a book, drink warm milk, cool down with a gentle yoga stretch, etc. etc. You name it.  But none works the miracle.  And typically it’s my tight muscles, twinge of hunger, or overactive mind that keeps me up.  

The first two are easier to deal with.  I can stretch my muscle, feed my hunger but draw a white flag on the overactive mind.   It takes the longest to exhaust my mind, and I am not even sure if that gets me a good sleep. 

Help! If you have tips on falling and staying asleep please share.

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2 Responses to Day 4 Week 20 – How I ( Can’t) Sleep 

  1. OmniRunner says:

    Melatonin may work or talk to your doctor about something stronger.
    It sounds like you’re doing everything else right.


    • terryshen says:

      Thanks Andy. I have found that Costco’s Sleep Aid (Doxylamine Succinate) works better for me then the Melatonin. But in general I avoid taking pills and just let my retirement life dictates how my sleep schedule work. This “going with the flow” approach is more natural and less stressful on me. And I am grateful for having such option.


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