Day 5 Week 20 – Tapering

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Marathon Training

30 min easy run, overcast, cool & 67 degree


In anticipating the Erie marathon this Sunday, I have been cutting back on my routines and putting things on the back-burner: the bushes around the house are getting tall,  basement can use a vacuuming, and and . . .

Unless the house is on fire, all projects can wait till after the Marathon this Sunday.  Not to mention I am also running less.  So, what am I doing? How am I occupying my time and energy and not let nervousness drives me crazy? 

 Here are examples of things I do during taper:

  • slowing down my body clock by taking naps when tired, stretching out any tightness or twitching in my legs
  • loading up on carbohydrates, extra volume on my caloric intakes during meals and snacks including ice cream, and doubling up on my fluids
  •  Keeping my mind off the race with activities like reading books, watching Netflix, and of course napping

Obviously this is a life style I can’t sustain for long (it would drive me insane).  But for now, during the short pre-race window, they are perfect prescriptions for my transition. 

What activities do you engage during taper?

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