Day 6 Week 20 – Marathon Eve

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Back in Erie, PA again.  This time I am staying farther away from the Presque Isle State Park where the race gonna take place.  Closer by hotels were all booked this year.  But fortunately,  I have the support of Woo, a fellow SRC member.

With Woo’s company, our 6 hour drive from Washington goes by leisurely.  We even manage to stop for a buffet lunch along the way.  Talking about carbohydrate loading all the way!  

Fall is definitely here at Erie.  A cool, overcast day awaits us at the registration check-in.  The breeze off the Lake Erie teases us  with a taste of autumn.  Volunteers wearing jackets and sweaters reminds me to keep myself warm.  Especially in the morning before the race.  

Lastly, good news from the SRC team at Jungfrau, Switzerland.  Their marathon was today, and judging by their smiles, all went well.  And tomorrow will be my turn at this personal quest. 

So stay tune.    


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