No “Right” Way

Claims on possessing of the “right” ways are copious.  Bookstore shelves are filled with  them.  Self help, business potential, investment strategy, leadership, etc.  You name it, and they have it.  But truth be told – there is no “right” way.  What counts is whatever works for you.

In other words, the right way is only right if they are relevant and beneficial to you. 

However, profit incentives, prescriptive cultures, and other ulterior motives abound. They  are not align with our interests but would try to convince us that they are the right way.  The question is are they?  Or do you have the integrity to be self deterministic?

Remember there is no expert smarter about you than you.  Ultimately we are responsible for ourselves and not others.  So, if anything, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” applies.

What is your way?  Are you satisfied with it?

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