Meditation & Patience

When meditating, my patience gets tested. I know it’s the wrong thing to say. One is supposed to immerse in the here and now. The whole process should be a breeze. Right? Not for me.

One hour is my meditation goal (I started at 10 minutes & worked myself up little by little). Usually the first half session works smoothly as I get my posture, breath, and mind in gear. The second half is a different story. Everything starts to test my patience.

My body starts to slump, my breath gets lost by other thoughts, and my mind bounces all over the places. I can’t wait for the hour-timer to sound & release me.

“Patience” I say to myself, “my back hurts” my body fidgets;

“Patience” I say to myself, “one-two-three” my breath labors to keep going;

“Patience” I say to myself, “when will this end” my mind rebels for reasons to quit.

But in spite of all the drama during meditation session, I rather deal with them in my private practice where I have a chance to improve than let them all hang out in front of others.

What tips would you suggest to cultivate patience?


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